GKSS IceBreaker 29 - 30/4

Spring has probably already arrived, and the snow and ice was long-time ago even if it still is cold in the water. This years first open matchracing event is part of the European Matchracing Tour 2023.
A Gr3 event that will be sailed in the GKSS´s Fareast 28R boats. Race area is located just outside the GKSS Långedrag pier. Lots of spectator spots are available along the pier. Short intensive races will be conducted during the weekend.
10 skippers will get the invitation to this Gr3 event. Some spots for wildcards will be kept but mainly World Sailing ranking will be used. 4 of the 10 invitations are planned for “non-swedish” crews (Crews living outside Sweden) and remaining will prioritize to swedish sailors.

Interested sailors please request for invitation by adding the requested information in the link “Request for information” below.

Request for invitation for the EMRT IceBreaker Cup in open matchracing is open from 1st of February until approximately 3rd of March 2023.


 Notice of Race