GKSS Spring Cup 29-30/5 Cancelled Covid

 GKSS Spring Cup 2021 is one of the events in World Match Racing Tour2021. The races will be conducted in the 6 GKSS´s Fareast 28R boats for 10 crews and it is a two days WS Gr3 event.

The request of invitation is open from end of January 2021 until the 6th of April. For further info please open the NoR.
Due to the corona virus situation a late decision regarding participation or changes in the NoR can be made. Skippers requested an invitation will be informed.

Dear Sailors, Volunteers and others As you all know there are for the moment not allowed to conduct any races or sport competitions in Sweden. Next information will be given by the government the 17th of May 2021.

Due to Corona legislation and necessary pre planning period we must change GKSS Spring Cup2021 from an international event open for international sailors and volunteers to a local inviting event for people living in commuting distance from Gothenburg or Sweden. Consequence for GKSS Spring Cup 2021 will be that, if possible, it is only a local invitation competition. Until the Swedish Government informs the 17th of May when hopefully an opening of sport competitions will be allowed all events are cancelled. All further info will be local and in Swedish.

Info regarding the local setup of GKSS SpringCup2021 will be given the 18th of May. It all depends on what will be allowed by the government.

Welcome back all sailors to the GKSS Match Racing event in 2022 and hope to see you by then. Requests for invitation for 2022 will be opened in February2022. Autumn Cup 2021 is the Swedish National Championship and open for Swedish sailors or sailors with GKSS MRC-registration.

Best regards Annika Ekman Race Officer WMRT - GKSS Spring Cup 2021