Guest Harbour

GKSS port consists of approximately 530 berths, of which the greater part is located at the solid wood docks with piles at the stern. The port is protected by a stone pier.

Guest berths are marked with a green sign.

If you wish to stay longer than one night, please contact the harbour office to see if the place is available.


GKSS Harbour  or  + 46 703399398

Harbour fee - high season 1/5 - 31/8 2023

< 10 m        290 SEK
10-12 m      350 SEK
12-15 m      410 SEK
>15 m         570 SEK

Harbour fee - low season 1/9 - 30/4 2023

< 10 m        230 SEK
10-12 m      300 SEK
12-15 m      350 SEK
>15 m         510 SEK


The prices shown includes access to toilets, shower, sauna and fresh water. The electricity is charged separately on Tallyweb.

Harbour fee is due to be paid as soon as possible after mooring. Contact Harbour office or pay in GoMarina app or in the payment machine at the GKSS clubhouse.

If you wish to stay longer than one day, please contact Harbou roffice to see if space is available.


Members of KDY (Danmark), KNS (Norge), NJK (Finland) and KSSS obtains 50% discount on the harbour fee the first week, don't forget to show your membership card. 


Septic tank: Is free.
Washing machine/dryer: To be booked in the Harbour Office.
BBQ/grill: Takes place in designated areas.

Position: 5740 N 1151 E
Nautical chart: 931 SE, 9313 NE
Port depth: 3 m
Guest berths: Red/green signage during the year
Mooring: Pole/Bar

Harbour office

During the hign season, 1 June - 15 August, the port is staffed by Harbour Masters every day between 8 am and 7 pm.

The harbour office is open 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00

During low season, we refer to the port manager at the GKSS office.